About Federation

Russian equestrian federation (REF) is an official organization, representing interests of Russian equestrian sportsmen, officials and all other persons who accept REF’s Statute. The main goal of REF is to develop and popularize equestrian sports in Russian Federation and to unite all regional equestrian Federations, riding schools, riding clubs, racecourses, stud farms and those people who are passionate about equestrian sports and interested in REF’s lines of activities. REF is a member of Fédération Equestre Internationale and accepts it’s Statute. REF alongside with Olympic Committee is governing  Olympic equestrian disciplines such as showjumping, dressage, para-dressage and eventing. Another FEI disciplines such as driving, vaulting and endurance are also in the sphere of REF’s responsibility. REF has also taken under control one national military-equestrian discipline, called djigitovka. REF is promoting fairness and equality in all disciplines.

Russian equestrian federation was founded in 1992 and it’s first President was Mr. Selischev. In 1996 famous Russian dressage rider Olympic champion (1972), World champion (1970) and USSR champion (1967-1975) Elena Petushkova took this role and was on duty till 2000. The next head of REF was Elena Baturina – businesswoman who is keen on horses. Under her rule Moscow welcomed several top-shows such as CSI5* Mayor’s Cup. Mrs Baturina stayed for the second term, but in 2006 was replaced by Mr Gennadiy Seleznev according to the decision of  Extraordinary Assebly. In 2008 REF got new President Mr Dmitriy Titov, who was also replaced by REF representatives at the Extraordinary Assembly in 2010. Mr Sergey Maslov (who was deputy President previously) took this place, he is holding he Presidency till now.